10 Smart & Unusual Goal-Setting Tips

Coaching Career Now

 This fun and inspiring infographic lists 10 Smart and Unusual Goal-Setting Tips for you and your clients. Which of these tips will resonate with you?

1. Procrastination is a Gift

– Procrastination is asking to be taken care of! Pay attention and listen, you’ll just keep sabotaging yourself..

2. Understanding Why is more Important Than Being Smart!

– When the going gets tough , focusing on why ( not deadlines & actions) helps you get hard things done!

3. Start with What Matters Most!

– Take a few minutes Every morning to plan your priorities, then work first on what matters most. Go on, amaze yourself!

4. Go Slow and Achieve More

– Slow down and you’ll enjoy your work, be more effective, connect to yourself, see the truth of things, feel inspired and do a better job!

5.Believe in you and Never Give Up!

– It’s your determination and perseverance that see you through life’s inevitable obstacles and roadblocks.

6.But Know When To Let Go

– Your goal isN’t to get everything done – that’s impossible! Just do your Best, then let go and start again tomorrow.

7.Time Management is Self-Care

– Managing your time effectively allows you to Achieve what matters to you And make space to Enjoy life.

8.Just Get It Done!

– There are few shortcuts in life. Do it, learn to do it, get someone else to do it – Find a way! But no excuses, just get-it-done!

9.Always,Always Learn!

– Whether it’s self-knowledge, developing your skills, learning from your mistakes or gaining new information – learning always moves you towards your goals!

And finally, if you take just one thing from these tips:

10.Remember that your Goals are there to Inspire you, not beat yourself up with!