10 Soft Skills Needed for Career Success

Your technical qualifications may land you a job, but what shapes your success in the workplace is what experts call “soft skills” – qualities such as how well you work with others and how well you.

INNOVATION Developing new ideas and creating approaches.

OPERATIONAL THINKING Managing priorities , resources , and time.

DECISION MAKING Assessing risks , opportunities , and alternatives .

COLLABORATION Developing relationships , accomplishing team goals .

INTERPERSONAL INTUITION Adjusting words , tone , and non-verbal cues to be persuasive 

RESILIENCE Thriving under pressure and rebounding quickly .

DRIVE Going the extra mile and being accountable for results .

STRATEGIC SELF-AWARENESS Knowing your strengths and weaknesses .

VALUING OTHERS Treating colleagues with respect .

 STRATEGIC VISION Synthesizing ideas and data .