15 Qualities of a Great Recruiter

Listening Skills 

  • Only if you listen carefully and thoroughly  to both the jobseeker and the client, will you be able to understand what their needs are. The more you listen to them . the more you will find out. The more you ask them , the more you will know so the better you know what the client and jobseeker are looking for, the easier it will be to  find the perfect match. This will allow you to make better decisions and find the perfect match over and over again. 


  • You need to be confidence not just about yourself but also about and the services that you offer to your client, and company as well as job seekers.

Marketing Skills

  • Knowing how to market compare the and promote your service experts,  expertise and knowledge effectively to clients and candidate is a  of outmost. Importance if you have the lots of candidates on your databases but are also able to convince a company to hire any of of them you will not close any deals. Your convincing negotiation and selling skills to are therefore are many crucial no clients no business and as simple as that.

Target- Driven 

  • The Recruitment industry is particularly competitive and target-driven and more therefore it is a crucial essential that also the recruiters that can handle pressure very well are target oriented, ambitious and hungry for results. Recruitment agencies usually offer basic salaries and additional offer performance related payment also called  OTE. On target earning. If you are not a target person, you should always seriously consider whether this is the right job for you.

Relationship Build Skills 

  • A recruiters offer also has to be a good manner connectors, for many others if you love new people to others and know how to be a perfect match. Having great relationships for building skills offers will have great people involved and too many processes are crucial. If they are happy with a job for you, food for them. They will recommend you to their friends and family too, should they ever need a job for you. 

Communication Skills 

  • Recruiter must have to be great communicators, whether they are for you face to face on the phone, or via email, other o]people are too great. If thing turns out positively for a jobseeker then being straightforward may not always be a great offers. There are situations for other  in which recruiters on needs to prove that she is tactful., considerate and generosity in order to maintain other people a good corporate as well as personal reputation.


  • Since you deal with companies and candidates on a daily basis you need to juggle multiple projects and tasks simulation. Keeping in my mind details of various jobs, companies and candidates is important in order to work efficiently as well as expensively.

Time Management Skills

  • Having great time management skills is essentials because certain positions need to be file urgently and getting priorities right is paramount.


  • Sometimes you will need to be very patient because candidates and clients, might want to reschedule their interviews dates in a lst minutes.


  • Clients and candidates don’t rely on a single source for filling their positions for finding a job. Whoever acts quickly will therefore win in the end. The worst thing that can change other offers that can happen, is that in the minutes a company needs to be great might tell you that they already have a candidate or the candidates already found a job. Thus speed matters.

IT and Social Media Skills 

  • Being familiar with social media recruitment strategies for other and new technologies will give any recruiters an edge proves that you are professional who keeps up, with current trends and technologies.

Body Language Skills 

  • Being able to interpret people’s body language will help you understand quicker how other people offer and what they think without telling you.

Problem Solving Skills.

You need to be a great people because you might face situations and others options which you need to be great though you would also be active. For example people not turning up for interviews companies telling you to find the offers. 


  • If you want to be perceived as a trustworthy professional you need to be reliable to other people when it comes functional, offering the services you promised and other within a certain time frame.

 Team Working Skills 

  • Sometimes you need to be lead a team to many people recruitment consultant, or you need to work with other people.