15 Ways to Organize and Scale your Business

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Business organization can be hard. Between trying to figure out the needed tasks and which ones can be outsourced, you can end up with more things to do then you originally had. This list of 15 things can help you eliminate the unneeded tasks and scale your business in just 90 days!

1. Start with the Right Priorities 

2. Create Short Term Goals 

3. Set up specific tasks to achieve them

4. Decide what really needs to get done

5. Are you the only person who can do it?

6. Create Systems to build a team

7. Set up Google Spreadsheets for tracking 

8.  Use Trello Boards for your projects

9.Use time blocking to plan your week

10.Review your progress each day 

11.Plan your week every sunday

12. Shutdown phone + email when working

13. No more than 15 minutes a day on social media 

14. Record training videos for your team

15.Create Templates for ebooks + Social Media