8 Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

1.Not knowing your Competition

Businesses must keep track of what their competition is doing to keep up with industry trends.

2.Constant Self Promotion

Customers do not enjoy aggressive self-promotion & brands that only talk about their products and services.

3.Setting Unrealistic Goals

Make sure the goals you set are S.M.A.R.t; set goals that are realistic and achievable.

4. Presence on all Social Media Channels

Spreading your business on every social media platform is not a good idea; focus on channels that are relevant to your industry.

5.Not Strategizing

Business must plan initiation, implementation and execution strategies of their business activities.

6.Not Checking for Grammatical Errors

Make sure all your content is appropriate and grammatically correct for your users to consume.

7.Not Measuring your Efforts

Measure and track the efficiency and result of all the efforts made by your brand or business.

8.No Interaction with Customers

Business must give supreme importance to customer engagement and interaction.