8 Tips to Increase Your Mentoring Skills w/ Free Checklist

Are you trying to make those around you better? Improving our mentoring skills will make you a better leader, coach, and supervisor.

Communication is Key

– In order to be a good mentor, we must talk and have open conversations with our mentees.

Take Interest

– Take interest in what your mentees are doing to better themselves.

Don’t Be Too Pushy

– As a mentor, you want to guide people, not force them to follow your advice.

Be Encouraging

– Encourage mentees to step out of their comfort zone a little and learn new skills.

Invite them Along

– When you do something like attend a seminar,class, or anything else you do to better yourself, invite your mentees along with you.

Decisions are Theres to make

– We must allow our mentees to make their own decisions.

Learn Their Goals

– Make sure you understand the difference between their goals for themselves and your goals for them.

Celebrate Success

– You and your mentees have put in a lot of work and successes should be celebrated.