Plan to learn data science in a year

First introspect why do you want to become a data scientist.

JANUARY – Getting started & testing the waters

  • Find out what is data science.
  • Skills required to become a data scientist.
  • Attend meetups.
  • Interact with experienced people to understand the life of a data scientist

FEB-MARCH – Basics of Mathematics & Statistics

  • Descriptive Statistics Course by Udacity
  • Introduction to Probability – The science of uncertainty Course by edX
  • Inferential Statistics Course by Udacity
  • Linear Algebra Course by Khan Academy
  • Structured Thinking blogs by Analytics Vidhya

Choose your tool – R or Python

Learn R

  • Interactive Intro to R programming language by Data Camp
  • Exploratory Data Analysis by Coursera
  • R from scratch and Data in R Guides by Analytics Vidhya
  • Follow R-bloggers

APRIL-MAY – Learn Python

  • Intro to Python for Data Science Course by Datacamp
  • Intro to Data Analysis Course by Udacity
  • Python for Data Science Guide, Data Exploration & Visualization in Python Guide by Analytics Vidhya.

Feature Selection:

  • Data Exploration & Feature Selection Guide from Analytics Vidhya


Basic & advanced machine learning tools

  • Machine Learning course by Coursera
  • Machine Learning Classification by Coursera
  • Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity
  • Blogs & Guide by Analytics Vidhya, machine learning mastery

JUNE-AUG – Books

SEPT-OCT – Building Your Profile

  • Github Profile Building
  • Practice via Competition on – Analytics Vidhya Datahack, Kaggle Competition, Crowd Analytics
  • Discussion Forum – Analytics Vidhya Discussion portal, Kaggle Discussion, Stack Exchange

NOV-DEC – Apply for Jobs & Internships

Identify the right jobs for you and apply here.

  • Analytics Vidhya Job Portal
  • Datajobs
  • Kaggle Job Portal
  • Internshala

Start Your Data Science Career