Helping Students Get Career Ready

 Are you Career Ready ? Employers are looking to hire college students and recent graduates who know how to use their talents , strengths , and interests . These students are Career Ready .

 How do you become Career Ready ? Mastering these Career Readiness Competencies will prepare you for a successful transition into the workplace .

Career Management 

 Identify and articulate skills, strengths , knowledge , and experiences , navigate career options and pursue these opportunities .

Oral / Written Communication Skills 

 Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively to a variety of audiences , demonstrate public speaking skills .

Professionalism / Work Ethic 

 Demonstrate personal accountability and effective work habits ; punctuality , working productively with others , time management , understanding the importance of a professional work image , and demonstrating integrity . 

Teamwork / Collaboration 

 Build collaborative relationships representing diverse cultures , races , ages , gender , religions , life-styles , and viewpoints ; work within team structure ; negotiate / manage conflicts .


 Leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals ; organize , prioritize and delegate work ; use empathetic skills to guide and motivate .

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving 

 Exercise sound reasoning and analytical thinking ; use knowledge , facts , and data to solve problems and make decisions .

Application and Information Technology 

 Select and utilize technology to solve problems and accomplish goals .