How to Spot a Bad & Good SEO Agency


14 Ways to Spot a Bad SEO Agency

Bad SEO agencies…

1 Have clients with spammy links from pages written in poor English

2 Offer a large number of links at surprisingly low cost

3 Show off about a selection of rankings they claim to have achieved

4 Are often under priced or offer a free trial

5 Talk about PageRank as a goal

6 Even mentioning PageRank is a bad sign

7 Still mention Yahoo!

8 Cannot answer questions about technical or on-site SEO

9 Talk about increasing traffic – as opposed to revenue

10 Claim to be able to guarantee rankings

11 Use the word “bulk” in relation to their services

12 Promise quick results

13 Claim to have a relationship with Google

14 Focus on just one or two of your keywords

7 Ways to Spot a Good SEO Agency

Good SEO agencies…

1 Talk about revenue – not just rankings

2 Talk about your business goals and aligning SEO with them

3 Tend to build a modest number of high quality links

4 Talk about PR and integration with offline campaigns

5 Talk about more valid metrics than PageRank such as SEOmoz Domain Authority

6 Talk about increasing sales and average order value

7 Build links you would be proud to show your customers