How to Write a Career Change Resume

  This shows you how to highlight your most relevant skills, experience, and education when making a career change.

  1. “Career and Work Counselor” are the first words an employer will read . Lead with the most relevant information .
  1. A combination resume format is used . It allows flexibility to arrange information to your best advantage .
  1. Skills developed from previous work are described in terms that fit the new career .
  1. This job seeker’s most marketable experience is education , so it is listed first before work experience .
  1. It has described the most marketable experience in detail with a separate section for school internships .
  1. Page two includes past work history , which is less relevant . The information most relevant to the new career is on page one .
  1. Work experience isn’t directly related to a new career , but it must be included on a resume . It shows past responsibility and experience that uses transferable skills .
  1. Details about past work experience use terms that are relevant to the new job , and highlights tasks that are relevant to the new job .
  1. Details about previous jobs are limited , and there is no jargon that would be unclear to someone outside of her old field .