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  • Capabilities
  • Competitive advantages
  • Resources, assets and people Experience, knowledge and data
  • Financial reserves, returns Marketing, reach
  • Innovative aspects Location, geographical Price, value and quality Processes, systems, it, communications
  • Advantages of proposition


  • Lack of capabilities
  • Gap in competitive strengths
  • Reputation, presence and reach
  • Timescales, deadlines and pressures
  • Financials
  • Cash flow, cash drain
  • Continuity, supply chain
  • Effects on core activities
  • Reliability of data, plan and project
  • Management cover & succession


  • Market developments
  • Industry or life style trends
  • Innovation and technology development
  • Global influences
  • Market dimensions,horizontal,vertical
  • Target Markets
  • Geographical import, export
  • Major contracts, tactics and surprises
  • Business/product development


  • Political and economical effects
  • legislative effects
  • environmental effects
  • Competitive intentions
  • Market demand
  • Innovation in technologies, services and ideas
  • Loss of resources
  • New contracts and partners
  • Obstacles to be faced surprises
  • Business/product development
  • Poor management strategies