The Ultimate List of Financial Resolutions

paying of debt resolutions

  • Develop a debt payoff plan and stick to it
  • Find an accountability buddy to keep you accountable on your debt-free journey
  • Don’t get into any more debt
  • Share your debt story with someone. Get it off your chest.
  • Encourage someone else to become debt-free

frugal living resolutions

  • Start meal planning to reduce your grocery spending
  • Visit the library and explore all the benefits
  • Complete a money challenge
  • Find a new (free) hobby
  • Start a carpool

budgeting resolutions

  • Start a budget
  • Start tracking your spending
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Evaluate your budget on a regular basis
  • Start (or increase) your emergency fund

financial education resolutions

  • Read one personal finance book each month
  • Teach your children about personal finance
  • Order your three credit report from the three credit bureaus
  • Listen to one financial podcast episode each week
  • Have one financial conversation a month with a friend, coworker, neighbor, etc

financial relationship resolutions

  • Start having monthly budget/financial meetings with your spouse
  • Go on one free date each month
  • Don’t hide any purchases from your spouse
  • Prioritize your financial goals as a couple
  • Talk to your parents about their will and estate plan