What do business intelligence interns do?

As an intern in business intelligence (BI), you may be involved in a variety of tasks and projects that support the organization’s overall BI strategy. Some common tasks and responsibilities for BI interns may include:

Data collection and analysis: Collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as customer surveys, market research reports, and internal databases, to identify trends and insights that can be used to inform business decisions.

Dashboard development: Developing and maintaining dashboards that visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important metrics to help stakeholders track progress towards business goals.

Report generation: Creating reports that summarize data and insights for various stakeholders, including senior leaders, department managers, and team members.

Data quality assurance: Ensuring that data is accurate, complete, and consistent by performing quality checks and audits.

Data modeling: Building data models that support analysis and reporting, such as creating hierarchies, aggregations, and calculations.

Tool evaluation and selection: Researching and evaluating BI tools and technologies to identify the most suitable solutions for the organization’s needs.

Communication and collaboration: Working closely with other team members and stakeholders to understand their data needs and communicate insights effectively.