What is Life & Business Coaching?

Coaching Career Now

This infographic answers many of the common questions people have about life coaching and business coaching.

Types of Coaching 


Relationship / Health & Fitness/ Career / Financial / Lifestyle / Wellness / Family / Spirituality / Religious 


Entrepreneurship / Sales & Marketing / Leadership Executive / Planning / Accounting / Franchising Human Resources / Corporate / Online & Website 

Who Becomes A Coach?

New Career 

Sometimes career ambitions just don’t go to plan. Dynamic job markets and rapid technological changes impact a great deal of people. coaching offers the opportunity to forget your own path without having to rely on market economies or the idea of a dead end job.

Established Pro 

Many coaches have years of professional experience in their respective fields. Looking for a change of pace and the challenge of running their own business, Established Pros look to helping others achieve personal and professional success.


– Many companies find the use of internal coaching a viable alternative to outsourced training for their staff. Coaches develop strong personal relationships with the staff they train resulting in better communication and ultimately better staff performance.

The Art & Science of Coaching 

In The Art and Science of Coaching you will gain a comprehensive set of practical,hands-on skills, and the professional credentials needed to become a qualified in house coach or build a thriving business in any market niche you desire.

Start a Company
Starting your own company is the big dream for some people, and why not make it a coaching company?
You will have full control over your mission and brand. You will be able to choose your clients, taking them beyond any limits they set themselves.
You will be able to to take pride in a tru self- sufficent business venture that helps others reach the success they deserve.

Join a Company

Joining an existing coaching company or becoming an in-house coach is a great route to follow if you prefer the stability and security of a full time job

Working for an existing brand means you will likely have access to a library sales & marketing training and an internal community.